Are you one of those dreaming of having a bolder eye? Well, there is a secret, from monolid eyes to round eyes. There is no need for surgery just to achieve that natural-looking bold eye, the secret is the eyelashes. Most monolid eyes have thin eyelashes that make them more noticeable.

Achieve justifying eyes without surgery using the premade fans eyelashes.

What are these lashes?

premade fans

These are custom lashes in different types, such as:

  • 3D lashes
  • 4D lashes
  • 5D lashes
  • 8D lashes
  • 10D lashes
  • 12D lashes
  • 14D lashes

These are the different types to choose from. If you want to have an instant setup, you can use the 12D lashes.

The 12D lashes

It has these great features of C Curl, 12D 0.05 style, and length options to choose from. It depends on you which length you prefer to have on your lashes. Others want to have a more natural one, which 9mm is a perfect pick. For those who want to have the lengthier one, pick the 1mm. You may also want to buy the complete instant set lashes with mixed 9mm to 15mm length lashes.

3D premade lashes

If you are into the most simple one, the not-so-noticeable lashes, 3D is the best pick. It has only three strands of lashes that will add up to your natural lashes. It is very light and natural-hair looking, You will never notice that the lashes are artificial when set up onto the eyelids.

3D lashes have 3D 0.07 style, C curl, and D curl, available lengths from 8mm to 15mm. These lashes are perfect for daily use. If you want to set up these lashes for parties, you can go for the 15mm C curl. Women love to get appreciated, especially in their eyes. So, they make it look justifying with the help of fake lashes.

Why choose this brand?

Choosing premade fan lashes can save you money. Lashes are uneasy to remove and durable. Once you set it in your eyes, except that it lasts according to how you care for it. Some don’t wash their lashes heavily to maintain their good appearance.

These volume fan lashes are made from the highest quality material from Korea. Koreans are very popular when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. Therefore, these lashes are not only beautiful but also have the quality that customers are looking for. You may check the different types of shapes of lashes; all are crafted well.

These lashes are not only good for the eyes but also safe to use. Some lashes are painful to detach, but not with these lashes. You can never feel any pain from these volume fans’ lashes when attached to the eyes.