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Month: September 2021

Sequin: The New Trend In The Market

Sequin: The New Trend In The Market

Little fairies have such little wings so delicate with sweet bodies and cute faces. The more attractiveness is not just due to its body, but also because of the outside look. The clothes worn by pixie fairies are studded with sequins and glitter components. Sequins give a rich, heavy look to the piece of cloth. Their eye-catching glittery shine makes the cloth look party-ready or traditional depending on the stitch and base. Sequins are the new look in the market for boys as well as for girls. Let us look at this new kind of fashion in the market.

What is a sequin?

  • Sequins are tiny flat disk-shaped, stitch decoration items that are colourful and vary with size.
  • Sequins in a piece of cloth will only look good if it is stitched in along with a cluster/ group.
  • They are available in various colours like pink, green, yellow, grey, blue, white, cream and even black. The colour range is huge.
  • Sequins vary in type too. Some are small and extra shiny, some are made of plastic and have less shine, and a few are large. These small ones look great in groups of more than 10 or 20, while the bigger ones look flat and boring.
  • Sequins are known to have a dark light shade effect when stitched in a cluster on any surface.

Sequin In Market

What is a custom sequin shirt?

Talking a lot about sequins, let us see how it has affected our latest trends and sense of fashion. The most common observation these days are the sequin shirts. These shirts are in trend due to the classic abstract look they give to a casual appearance. The T-shirts are front studded with a bunch of uni-coloured or multi-coloured sequins. These look cool on a white base, and more often, symbols are famous cartoon characters like Barbie, Captain America’s Shield, etc. Once added to any dress, sequin is all determined to add elegance and shine to it. A sequin shirt is one of the most sought dresses in the current fashion trend.

One can get a custom sequin shirt designed for their interest and flaunt it. Just get a pattern print, and then get the sequins stitched by a tailor or anyone that knows how to do it. It is as simple as that.

So get your cool shirt designed today!