Traditional Clothing In The Land Of Buddha

Traditional Clothing In The Land Of Buddha

Bihar, known as the land of the Holy Buddha, has always had a fascinating history and a rich culture of tradition and values. Be it the legendary King Ashoka of the ancient times or Aryabhata of the modern age, the contributions made by the land of the Bihar towards the development of the world is undeniable.

Apart from the unforgettable history and heritage of the land, Bihar is also known for its deep roots of traditions and culture in its dwellers. Known to be hardworking and pure at heart, the people of Bihar have a special place for their traditional values and culture including the delicious food, festivals, and dresses. The festivity and ethnicity of the land can be seen in the traditional clothing and accessories which carry a significant meaning and sacred values.

When we talk about the traditional clothing of Bihar, it is not possible to go on without mentioning ‘sarees’ and ‘gumccha’.

As discussed, above were the few points that differentiate the traditional clothing of Bihar from other Indian states. The meaning behind each of the attire represents the rich culture of the land.

Traditional Clothing In Buddha

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