Return Policy

How to return something you bought from us

Hi there! We know how, sometimes, you won't be satisfied with your purchase. This is why we've got this nifty returns procedure in place, to make things easier for all of us. Remember, though, that you only have 10 days to return an item, and the refund or exchange will only take place if the items returned are in a resalable condition. We're sure you can see why. For reasons of fairness and world peace, delivery charges are non-refundable. Here's how to do the naughty business:

  1. Let us know at that you intend to return the lovely item or items you purchased. Don't forget to mention which item was it, what quantity, and the reason for the return.
  2. We will then tell you which delivery company to use.
  3. Please, please, please don't forget to also send us the invoice along with the item you're returning.
  4. On the parcel scribble the following: ‘Returns – Tuxedo confessions’
  5. When your return arrives, we'll make sure to send you an email to confirm.
  6. If all is in order, you will be credited via the original method of payment. There will be at least 3 days before your refund appears on your bank statement, but will probably even take 5. 


You may exchange something you bought only with an evenly priced other product. If you're going to want an exchange, the procedure happens just like the above, only this time at the end of it you'll have your new product in your greedy little paws.

Faulty items

Please, a thousand pleases, check the items when you receive them. It's easier not to accept the delivery instead of later asking for an exchange or a refund.