Outfit with shirt and short trousers

Posthuman SS 2013 collection

The shirt is made from golden silk with 2 pockets made from transparent natural veil and details from vermillion gabardine. On the back there are 2 transparent tubes with cord that can modify the shape of the shirt, and 2 insertion of different fabrics: an transparent veil triangle and goldenrod linen. (64 €)

The trousers have colorful geometrical collage from various natural fabrics and blue lining.

Garment: silk & natural fabrics

Size: the items are fit for S & M
Delivery info: 5 days
Cleaning: Dry cleaning
Notes: 1/ the price includes VAT; 2/ free shipping to Romania.
If you would like to buy only a specific item, please send us an email: info@tuxedoconfessions.com