Look #1 :: shirt, sweatshirt & shorts

Discounted price from €380

Sheer asymmetric shirt (€55)
This shirt is made of black cotton poplin and chiffon. It has a relaxed straight-line fit, with long sleeves with narrow cuffs and an intriguing half-collar - a small & stiff standing band, sewn only on the back side of the neckline. It has a small chest patch pocket with topstitching and a seam below the bust, that joins the upper part of the shirt with the lower, sheer part. The shirt has decorative chiffon strips stitched on both sides of the center front and shoulder seamlines. The shirt is asymmetric, as the front is shorter than the back part,  and it has slits on the sides, so that the chiffon panels will have a nice flow, without restricting the movement.

Black crew-neck sweatshirt (€85)
A practical piece perfect for autumn days, combining urban & sportswear characteristics, and featuring an unconventional design for a powerful hip look, but still comfortable, relaxed and effortless. This sweatshirt has long, raglan sleeves with a shoulder zip; the sleeves and the front part are made of smooth polyester fabric while the back side subtly reveals your skin or undergarments, through the small holes of the mesh. The sleeve cuffs, neckline band and waistband are made of genuine leather. Also, the texture variations and fabric contrasts make this garment uncommon and definitely memorable.

Leather 'dolphin' shorts (€130)
Definitely not the ordinary pair of athletic shorts since this one, joining together the dolphin-style inspired pattern with the slightly uncommon choice of fabric for shorts - the leather, are surely fit for a strong woman, brave enough to step out of the comfort zone. The name stands for the resemblance between the curved edge of the hemline side slits and a dolphin's tail.The shorts are lined with polyester, and have two side seam pockets. . The waistband has a casing with elastic that holds the shorts in position on the body and a decorative drawstring with black plastic stoppers.

Fabric: shirt – cotton poplin, chiffon // sweatshirt- polyester, leather // shorts –leather
Size: shirt – S/ sweatshirt & shorts - fit for S/M
Delivery: 5 days