Fill in the Blank B(ucharest) #1


Stained & embroidered jacket
This stain and purl jacket is inspired by the objects made 20-30 years ago at the famous "Fond Plasic" (Art Shop) in Bucharest. If you remember it, you know what we mean, if you do not, now you know. It was a perfect match with the wonderful retro window.

Fabric: white cotton linen permanently stained!
Delivery: 5 days
Price: 75 Eur

Trousers on the way to skirt

The white pants are inspired from a pair of jeans' finishes, and have had their seams moved and curved to the back. It is so that they make any kind of roundness look good. The trousers have one day met a pleated skirt, so they fused on the spot. This is what's come out of it. From any encounter there is an outcome!

Fabric: white cotton linen
Delivery: 5 days
Price: 90 Eur