Combina: P-1 wallet


This wallet is designed as an origami manual assembly with no glue or stitching required. The central inner fold "spine" increases rigidity and enables the wallet to close neatly even when is fully loaded.  Item made out of 170g/sqm paper plastified on both sides for increased flexibility, toughness and protection of Pantone colors.

Tolerates 5 minutes of water immersion and drying, thus 80% of the plastified surface remains intact. After 1 month of use (slow pressing in the pocket) "P-1" logo (die-cut on the inner sheets) shows up embossed on both sides of the wallet (please see the pictures).


- 113 x 85 mm
- 4 credit card slots - 2 interior, 2 exterior
- 2 medium compartments
- 1 main compartment - suitable for standard European banknotes

Delivery time: 2 days
Notes: 1/ the price includes VAT; 2/ free shipping only to Romania.