Just say the words “beauty shop,” and our minds start to wander. Places where we can quickly find the products that make us feel good about ourselves, just in time for summer. But when you go looking for skincare and beauty shops, it’s hard to know which ones are legitimate. And the legitimate ones are not always easy to find.

Beauty shops, in particular, have a reputation for being seedy and crowded. So many products and so little time! But now, there is a new app that can help you find the best beauty shop in your area, avoiding all of the pitfalls. The app is called Trusted Beauty Shops, and it’s available online and on all your favorite mobile devices, including your iPhone or iPad.

You can filter searches by product type or location to ensure you’re not wasting valuable time shopping at a store that only sells hair products. You want a lovely new eye shadow palette or some hair restoration treatment.

They have updated their location-based mapping tool to work with the new Open City app, so now you can find and save favorites from among the thousands of beauty and skincare shops worldwide that are listed by the city. You can see what shops are near you or where to go for a facial. You can look up hair salons and spas.

Trusted Beauty Shops has a category for every product you might want to buy: Korean makeup, hair care, body and skin care, nails, perfumes, etc. You can use the app to search by brand name or by type of product. You can also search by price range if you’re on a budget or if you want to splurge on some luxury products.

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You can follow individual shop pages and see what new product releases are coming up. They have a calendar for their release events, and their site has a blog with valuable tips for consumers to help them decide which products are worth buying.

This app can help you find the right beauty shop online, whether you’re looking for a specific product or just finding something new and exciting. And unlike some other apps that are merely lists of links, this one provides reviews and photos of each store so you can be sure it’s the right place for you.

You’ll be able to find that new celebrity beauty shop near you without relying on those shady street corners where some might have shady intentions.


When it comes to getting the best skincare and beauty shop, it’s all about knowing who has your best interests at heart. Facing another day with lackluster skin or unkempt tresses can make anyone want to run for the hills. And with all of the products out there, how on earth are we supposed to choose?