Cool Shit

Cool Shit happens in our castle, on our planet, all over the web. Like it or not it’s happening so deal with it. Wear the shit that inspires our public art. All items are 100% cotton, unisex and printed in Barcelona.


Bipolar is a contemporary women's apparel brand with an attitude. They started working on the first Bipolar product line towards the end of 2009. Since then, they think, dream and breathe clothing/fashion on a more serious level. First of all, Bipolar loves to mix styles since they, as well, are a mix of styles.

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Simona Semen

The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. For all these demands you got yourself Simona Semen clothing. Dream your dreams and meet their creator.

Florin Surugiu

Florin Surugiu is a young designer always looking for self improvement and willing to experiment new possibilities of visual expression. He thinks that art can save the world. 'Simplicated' is a reflection of himself; simple but in the same time complicated (some chaos and an entire mixture of visual elements). - read more


Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is an European brand that has a unique background. It is based on a genuine conviction that the way we dress ourselves really matters for the future of our continent. We want people of Europe to look fresh, brave, original, and self-confident. And we want the rest of the world to join us and share our happiness.

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Carmina Cimpoeru

Carmina Cimpoeru received a Magna Cum Laudae MD in Fashion Design from the Art and Design University in Cluj (2012). Her first collection - DecoStruct - was based on a research on pattern construction issues and deconstruction aspects of contemporary clothing. At the same time she is focused on transforming clothing by deconstruction of patterns, using experimental materials and techniques. - read more

Razvan Buruiana

Razvan Buruiana / Couture T-shirt


A E R | W E A R is an ethereal, mystical fashion brand for those looking for casual and unique designs. Started by Dana Paun in 2012, A E R | W E A R is a statement of independence for the eclectic modern woman, the woman who knows how to be attractive and glamorous without excess, in a luxurious, low-key manner. - read more

XXY Jewelry

XXY Jewelry is the jewelry line of the object designer Adrian Balcău. His pieces are exploring transparency, flexibility and a constant search for fresh shapes. He designs jewelry for women with a though edge that allude to flavors of masculinity and the sense of empowerment that's required. - read more

Adrian Balcau

Object designer based in Cluj-Napoca / Romania.

[ These Enhanced Expression Pillows are inspired by a collection of expressive abstract prints I designed as decorative framed art. I discovered that printing them on pillows makes a better use of their aesthetic value in a comfortable and cozy way. ]