Ramona Rusu

Ramona Rusu is a Fashion Design MA graduate of the University of Arts & Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania. Her creative fields of interest include fashion | design | illustration and the main creative research of her work is representend by the link between art and fashion and its importance in the evolution of fashion design.

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Alexe Popescu

Alexe Popescu is a designer based in Bucharest, Romania. After graduating Polytechnical University - Mechanical Engineering and University of Arts - Design Department in Bucharest, he started a colorful career, moving between various design areas: advertising and branding, stencils and fanzines, product design and type design, book design and packaging.

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Irina Anghel

I would describe my designs as a research into how and why people develop relationships with their clothes. I draw my inspiration from reality, from the perpetual restart of fashion, from the permanent evolution of trends, from mass psychology and from people’s inexplicable obsessions. - read more

Adina Marin

Not long ago I discovered WOOL, but I had no idea what to do with it. As a student, I spent some time in France where I bought my first 30 grams of colored wool. But it was in 2011, after graduating my studies in Architecture, when I decided to give it a try. And that is how my journey began. I won a contest here in Bucharest, Inspired Accessories. - read more

Anca Miron

MIRON. Anca Miron.

I go for the functional and for quality, for buying something knowing that you will use it more often, but still with pleasure. Moreover, I don't encourage “brainless”consumerism and waste of resources, and I admire people who act according to values like common sense, respect for others, and for the environment.

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Rue9 is the vision of a fine and elegant style, a state of grace and exclusive attitude.
This is a call to inner beauty and simplicity completed by refined cuts and exquisite quality.


A visionary brand launched in the seventies by Serge Bensimon. Paris was the starting point, but now the whole cool world is knowing fot its simplicity. The sneaker is made out of basic fabrics and rubber, being 100% natural. It is easy to care for, as you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer.


Andreea Mogosanu`s journey in the area of contemporary jewellery is a passionate and genuine research work in quest of elementary forms and essential materials. The amplitude of references, proof of her academic education at The Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design cross joyfully with the visual language efficiently practiced as an Art Director in Advertising.

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mOyO is a playground for architects Diana Ionescu and Iulian Mosu; their projects combine elements from architectural studies, design, make-up and photography. mOyO's first collection – Coppr – gathered five objects made by incorporating and adapting copper pipes with leather, wood and concrete, all conceptually linked by clean lines aesthetics.

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Cristina Barsony

Cristina Barsony uses the infinite colour of white porcelain to create organic textures as corals, stones, flora, branches etc. which leads you into a desert beach or lost memories from holiday. Immediate surrounding influences her work, the forests and her love for traditional crafts, marine life and gardening.

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