LES, by Lesia Paramonova

Lesia Paramonova is a young fashion designer based in Moscow, Russia. Her clothing and accessories brand LES’ is mostly inspired by forest and nature. The brand name is some kind of an original word-play that only Russians can understand. It consists of the designer’s name and also brand’s main inspiration theme wood (les’ translates as forest from Russian).

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Project 104

Project 104 is the first swimwear brand to specialise in limited edition, individually numbered quality pieces made entirely in the UK. The name encapsulates the brand “Projects” are themes or inspirations for the fabric print, 104 is the maximum number any print can be produced in a particular style. - read more

Loredana Novotni

Loredana Novotni is a young fashion designer. She graduated Visual Arts in 2009 and later, in 2011 she postgraduated Fashion Design Department (UAD Cluj-Napoca, Romania). Loredana Novotni designs limited series of clothes. ''Fashion is an art - a functional art. Each design must have a soul and also have to reach the senses of a person. - read more

Art of Chase

8 colorful hip watches designed to personalize any style. The watches are made with statements and motives of mystic eyes and faces gracing the cool design with smooth silicone straps with artwork.


Handcrafted & custom made Espadrilles.The entire work is made by two young designers. The Espadrilles are made of 100% cotton with rubber sole.    

Front Row Society

Based in Berlin, FRONT ROW SOCIETY works with an open collective of designers who submit artworks to design challenges; winning designs are curated into seasonal collections. Thus you'll stand beyond the trends and express your individuality.

Alina Petcan

[ I create simple and fine clothes, yet with an aura of power and elegance. I take my inspiration from art, especially Surrealism, Art Nouveau and Impressionism. My collection is a handmade approach on contemporary design. ]


Macramoi means beautifully made crochet work.

"I have been passionate about crochet work and its delicacy since forever. I am certain of having been a duchess in another life ... being surrounded with beautiful things. Well, today, my crochet work is on a mision to make your world a more beautiful place.''


Anca is a young fashion designer with a BA degree in fashion at the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2012. Inspired by a well known biblical scene, the name EGO NON represents and resumes the brand's ethos - the power of stating your own convictions, and the ability of remaining true to them, even if this means withstanding the majority's outlook.

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Dan Raul Pintea

Dan Raul Pintea (b.1981) is a Romanian artist. He graduated fine arts (in 2004) at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj Napoca (RO), where he also get his MA in 2006. His approach to art is rather untypical but at the same time it reflects inoculation situation in culture and society. - read more