mitemite might be offering unnecessary objects, and a wide range of that, but that doesn't actually mean that what you get out of them is unnecessary. For is fun unnecessary? Is quirky design something to cast away? We think not, therefore we give you mitemite. Up your life with more fun, get a laugh out of ordinary, daily chores. Be a little, just a little different. - read more


You can tell for sure you're living in a true global village era when your identity comes from wherever the globe, regardless of where you spend your days and crazy nights. - read more

Tahir Sultan

What's a former intern to John Galliano got to do with the audacity of having a personality? Let's start by saying that he himself is bold and mythical. He always demands attention, and his creations do exactly the same. He graduated Central Saint Martins with a degree in fashion knits, but that's not really relevant. - read more

George Neagu

Pure bread fashion rock star - the Romanian designer George Neagu is now part of our gallery. You'll be glad we did so, when you see how his designs can be worn in two or three ways, always prone to transformation and re-invention. He's been the apprentice of legendary Doina Levintza for two years, time that allowed him to grow an impressive pair of wings. - read more

Parkwolf Juwelen

Parkwolf Juwelen aims to make unconventional jewelry for original people. All jewels are made by hand in the Parkwolf Atelier, they are all unique. They use leather, wool, plastic, ordinary metal and stones, second hand junk and antiques. Precious metal and stones are only used in a functional way, there is no intention to create jewelry that shows you're loaded. - read more

Rakossy Renata

Renáta Rákossy is currently studying to get her Master's degree at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj, after graduating from it in 2010. You'd be hard pressed to find another designer that focuses so deeply on creating wearable experiences that keep on inspiring, even though her designs are a bit on the conceptual side.

- read more

Carmen Chereches

Another hot young designer that we're proud to feature is Carmen Cherecheș. She graduated the University of Arts and Design in Cluj, with a major in fashion design and she's studying for her Master's degree at the same University. This speaks about her credentials. But how about her talent as a designer? - read more

Noemi Boros

Noemi Boros graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca, with a BA in Fashion Design and she is now studying for her Master’s degree at the same university.

- read more

Rue des Trucs

Rue des Trucs is a label for creative basics, a style that finds value in normality and minimalism. Rue des Trucs designers are exploring beauty through simplicity and natural. ‘La perfection est atteinte, non pas lorsqu'il n'y a plus rien à ajouter, mais lorsqu'il n'y a plus rien à retirer’ tells Antoine de Saint-Exupery. - read more


Literally. Maybe the freshest creation of a young Romanian designer in the last 10 years.