Tuesday, January 8 2013

This is a new generation igloo, based on a great idea or just a funky mind! Or who knows ;) The good part is that the rainbow igloo could be spread all around the world if ... winter and snow and ice-ice baby are not at all your enemies. Take a look here, watch & learn, then call your friends ;)   

Friday, January 4 2013

[ Holy Motors || director: Leos Carax || trailer: http://bit.ly/VDw34K ]

“I invented a kind of science-fiction world with very little science and a lot of fiction — a world that wouldn’t be too far from today’s world. But it would permit me to show in one day the whole experience of what it means to be alive today. This man goes from life to life. Sometimes he’s rich, sometimes he’s poor, sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes young, sometimes old. I thought I could have the whole scale of human experience in the film.” (Leos Carax)

Friday, December 28 2012

This is a magical come back, here on TC_store blog. After such a long time, I am able to say again: Hello! And this particular awakening is touched by Leszek Bujnowski photos. I love his surreal art, his characters with their silent stories and worlds full of possibilities.Find his amazing work, here: http://www.facebook.com/leszekbujnowski.Or here: http://500px.com/Alshain

Sunday, March 11 2012

Intervención is abouy words on walls, in trompe l'oil manner. Boamistura (the creative group behind) transformed for a while a piece of Vila Brâsilandia (Sao Paulo). More, here

(via trendland.net).

Saturday, March 3 2012

Irina Stoica received this Big Bag Against Crime after winning a contest on shoppingnews.ro page. I'm glad she love it and send this picture. Congrats!