About us

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TuxedoConfessions.com is a Romanian online fashion collective launched in May, 2010. It all started with Yves Saint Laurent. More precisely, it started with him inspiring the birth of a new kind of woman in 1966. The new world is designed for women wearing a tuxedo in the most minimalist yet scandalous way. Thus appeared a new style, for androgynous ladies, perfectly suited with ethereal dresses and pantsuits.

TuxedoConfessions.com is promoting emerging fashion designers from all over the world. First we looked abroad and introduced new designers to the Romanian public. Some of them studied at the most prestigious fashion schools in the world, not that that matters when we're talking about talent.

Also, TuxedoConfessions.com is about Romanian young fashion designers. It's about discovering young talents and encouraging them in their process. We started as a sustainable platform for young Romanian designers to sell worldwide.

Some of their designs are created exclusively for TuxedoConfessions.com!